Tip #114 – Convert Word 2007 Files With Zamzar

The new docx file format used by Microsoft Word 2007 is not compatible with earlier versions of Word. When a colleague sends you a Word 2007 file, it may be difficult to open that file if you only have Word 2003 on your computer. However, the Zamzar Web site now offers free file conversions from .docx to .doc files which are recognized by previous versions of Word.

Simply go to the Zamzar Web site (http://blog.zamzar.com/2007/04/10/convert-docx-files-to-doc-pdf-odt-and-txt/) and follow the four easy steps to convert your files. The converted files are sent to your email address. You can also use Zamzar to shrink audio and video files to more manageable sizes.

2 thoughts on “Tip #114 – Convert Word 2007 Files With Zamzar

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