Five Simple Truths – It’s Not About The Technology

I found this blog written by Ben Rimes and thought it was well worth sharing.

The World Has Changed

The world is virtual, digital, and flat. The access to information that we now possess is greater than it has eve been. Collaboration with people around the world is no longer the exception, but the norm.

Our Students Are Different

Our students are plugged in, they’re digital, and their wired. Their relevance is so far from what we as adults determine as relevant that we are at risk of disengaging them, and not providing education that is relevant to them.

Our Schools Haven’t Changed

We’re still teaching with a mostly 19th century approach to leadership and learning. Information is sacred and must be acquired through careful study, reading, and discipline. Unfortunately, that is not how today’s students are programmed to learn.

School Leaders Are The Gatekeepers Of Change

Our school leaders are gatekeeper. That means they control not just what gets blocked, but what is allowed through. Being a gatekeeper means that all leaders must be onboard with the idea of 21st century leadership, allow allow learners and educators to freely pass through those gates that we run across in education.

(5th Truth!) The Digital Divide No Longer Refers Only To Access

The students have access to more information and resources than adults. They know more about the world than we do in some instances.

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2 thoughts on “Five Simple Truths – It’s Not About The Technology

  1. I like ways of effectively simplifying complex ideas. These five statements are excellent. Thanks to you both for sharing these links and ideas.

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